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“Tillie is strong! Tillie is you!! Visit the Tillie inspiration station at The Women’s Market for amazing deals on Tillie inspirational thinkwear, cool photo opps, and amazing offers on the best retreats and events in Ontario for women and the next generation of women!!!  Tillie launched in 2014 and is the only multifunctional thinkwear for an inspired life. It’s a 12 in 1 headwear that can be easily transformed into a headband, toque, neckwarmer, bandana, facemask, buttwarmer and more!!! It is the perfect gear for hiking, biking, running, climbing, boating, skiing, bootcamp, boxing etc! Each limited edition Tillie is designed with messages of inspiration to get you through life’s greatest adventures and toughest challenges. Tillie means mighty in battle.”
~Kim Turley-Smith


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